Snake Chain  Necklace / Bracelet 90cm

Snake Chain Necklace / Bracelet 90cm

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               Moldable Necklaces can be twisted and turned into a variety of eye-catching designs.

We have to thank Jeanette Purkis for putting us onto these wonderful necklaces ! A wonderful sensory fiddle for both adults and teens.

You can literally bend it in almost any shape you like, thanks to the small bendable cups.  It is a continuous loop with no clasp or catch so is easy to put on too.  It is also very lightweight it doesn't feel heavy on your neck.

You can wear it as a necklace a bracelet use it as a fiddle on your desk or just something to keep your hands busy.

Sizes are  5mm Multi Tone  ,Gold ,Silver and Charcoal are 6mm the antique copper pictured is unavailable

There are tutorials on You tube on how to twist and wear these necklaces or come up with your own ideas

Can be a choking Hazard !   Not suitable for children under 8

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