This page is designed to give you a starting place for support groups ,events  and other websites we feel maybe helpful in your journey.

Helpful websites

 Michelle Garnett and Tony Attwood now have an events page of  workshops they are running or are involved in.

Tony Attwood's web page has some great info and is a great resource for parents,professionals and people with Asperger's Syndrome and their partners

Autism Hangout is a website and  run by Craig Evans he and Tony Attwood have released over 50 videos on You Tube on over 50 of the most pressing questions asked by those living and dealing with the Autism Spectrum

Mind and Hearts provides psychology services specifically for Asperger’s Syndrome and Autism. Minds & Hearts is a private psychology clinic led Dr Michelle Garnett and Professor Tony Attwood, leading world authorities on autism spectrum disorders (ASD). Their resources page can give you some great information regarding all aspects of ASD
The referral list is also something to checkout as it has contact details of people and organisations specialised to ASD

Barb Cook  her website  Spectrum Women for women who have a different point of view! her website is filled with informative info for women on the spectrum, includes events, videos and more it's worth checking out.

Creative Child Therapy Workshops Training and Resources for Child Therapists  

Fiona and Suzanne run workshops in Melbourne Sydney and Brisbane they provide practiacl hands on workshops check them out


Support Groups

ASPIA (Asperger Syndrome Partner Information Australia) Inc, a Sydney support group that has been providing information, validation and support to partners since 2003.They also provide information to partners who live outside of Sydney, and in some cases contacts in other States or regions, including NZ & Tas. I will often suggest ASPIA as afirst port of call for partners who contact me looking for advice.

Carol Grigg the organiser of ASPIA also has a Counselling and guidance for partners of adults with Asperger's Syndrome (Autism Spectrum Disorder). Available by phone or skype

Rachael Lee Harris  Psychotherapist  *Therapy for children and Adults with ASCs, carers and partners.

Rachael's therapeutic solutions help her clients engage fully with life, including: managing emotions, relationship building, career advice and meditation to improve self-esteem and self-awareness.

As well as running her private clinic, Rachael provides Skype counselling sessions, by appointment, for both interstate and international clients.

P: 0449 504 738W:

Here is a home safety link with tips and strategies that maybe helpful