Becoming an Autism Success Story

Becoming an Autism Success Story

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By Anita Lesko BSN, RN, MS,CRNA

Anita Lesko always knew something about her was different , but she never let that stop her.Diagnosed with autism at age fifty,. Her incredible story,that she shares with you of how she went from an uncoordinated “misfit” kid to the successful and thriving adult she is today! Anita shares all her secrets to success, including:

  • Horse therapy to teach coordination and social skills
  • Visualization and neuroplasticity to “rewire” the brain for success
  • Hard work and childhood jobs to build skills.

And most importantly: patience and perseverance.

Some of the highlights of Anita’s life story include graduating college and going on to become a certified registered nurse anesthetist, getting married to her husband in an all-autism wedding, excelling as equestrian and jumping fences up to six feet tall, and even flying in an F-15 fighter jet! Through the framework of her impressive life, Anita Lesko proves that you can do anything you set your mind to and teaches you how to do it yourself.

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