Air Cushion Wiggle Seat

Air Cushion Wiggle Seat

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Air Cushion "Wiggle Seat" 

Air cushion "wiggle seats" can be an effective seating option for kids who have a difficult time focusing or staying put in their seats.

These helpful self-regulation seating devices provide subtle movement input (gentle bouncing and/or rocking) without getting up from your seat! The calming (or alerting) movement input makes it easier for many children and adults to focus in the classroom or office.

Children can sit, stand and lie on their tummies on the Air Cushion. It can be used to help meet many goals:

* It can be used to promote concentration and sitting posture during mat time and/or at the desk.

* Children can lie on their tummies and work on postural control and muscle tone through body extension activities.

* By doing activities, eg ball skills, in high-kneeling or standing, children can develop balance and postural control.

Ticks a lot of boxes! The Air Cushion is 35cm diameter, comes in blue,red ,purple, pink and has a different tactile finish on each surface.

Includes a free pump to adjust amount of air to suit each persons requirements.

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