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SIGHT WORDS level one includes the first 100 fundamental words a child needs to know by recognition, in order to read efficiently. These words have been determined scientifically to be the most recent high frequency words in the English language.

SIGHT WORDS level one teaches children letter and word formation which in turn helps learners to recognise words needed to be able to read, write and spell.

Most of these words cannot be sounded out and therefore must be recognised by sight. By matching the same words together, children as young as three years old can start learning how to read. Learners that already know some or all of the words will reinforce what they know, they will get faster at recognising these words and their reading will improve.

There are over six different ways to play with SIGHT WORDS level one which gives young learners the opportunity to play on their own or with friends. We encourage you to make up your own games too!

The pack comes with 200 flash cards, ten corresponding game boards, a progress chart and instruction leaflet describing seven fun and interactive games as well as hints and tips for teaching the words successfully. There are two identical cards for each word therefore games like memory can be played.

The words have been broken down into ten colours with ten words displayed on each game board. They are in consecutive order of frequency and are labelled from card one to card ten. A progress chart is included in this pack for learners and teachers to track progression.

There are free printable certificates on our website that can be labelled with a name and printed out for each mastered card.

Low levels of literacy are one of our community’s largest disabilities. Being able to read and write competently are essential life skills and it’s never too early to start learning.

• 200 Flash Cards
• 10 Sight Word Boards
• 1 Progress Chart

Incorporated games:
• Memory
• Turn and Say
• Bingo
• Snap
• Make a Sentence
• Spell Me
• Beat the Clock

Over six games in one box!

Suitable for ages 3 and up


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