Managing the Cycle of Meltdowns for Students With Autism Spectrum Disorder

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by Geoff Colvin and Martin R Sheehan


Meltdowns can be a challenge at all time but in a classroom it can be have it's own set of problems. This hands-on, practical, teacher-friendly approach to preventing as well as responding to the acting-out behaviors of students with autism spectrum disorders (ASD) includes detailed procedures for general and special education teachers.


It is based on the model described in Colvin's bestselling book, Managing the Cycle of Acting Out Behavior in the Classroom, which presents a 7-step model for confronting challenging behavior in the classroom, from the calm phase to the agitation phase to the deescalation phase.


Of special importance in this book is the attention paid to how challenging behaviors of students with ASD are related to the disability, specifically the role of sensory and medical issues. Based on a well-researched model, the methods in this book have been field-tested.



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